We are developing our own distinctive style of architecture in the North Island incorporating Schist walling stone. The projects below have not used Schist stone extensively, but the inclusion of schist building stone has cemented these homes into their environments. Even the smallest amount of stone added to your home will make an enormous statement.

Schist walling stone is a product that until the last few years has been used predominantly in the South Island of New Zealand, – this was due to the availability of natural stone in the region. Now we are able to supply to your site a complete ready to lay, finished product ready to start building your chimney, pillars or walls, and paving. This means there is no waste stone delivered, every piece of building stone will form a part of your cladding and the stonemasons are able to complete your project in a third of the time it took in the past.

Let us add value and style to your home, contact us for a free quote in all North Island areas.