The following is a general guide to cleaning and maintenance, cleaning frequency and method are best trialed and set to individual situations depending of surface, traffic, amount of dirt or dust etc.

External paving areas can benefit from a high pressure water blast, this will lift any residual dirt build up. If a really good spring clean is required then your stonework will glisten after a mild acid wash. The mix is 1 part Hydrochloric Acid to 10 parts water. Broom onto stonework with hard brush leave several minutes. Wash thoroughly and rinse again to remove any residual solution 10 minutes later. ( Extreme care should be taken when handling Hydrochloric Acid, follow all manufacturers safetly instructions. Only allow acid solution to come in contact with stone as other surfaces could be damaged

External Cladding should only require a brush down, if there is a build up of grime on the surface, wash off using a high pressure water blaster. If on a Southern face a green algae build up develops use a general cleaning product for mould growth such as Wet and Forget or 30 Seconds. Apply to stonework at manufacturers recommended strength and clean off with a higher than normal water pressure.

For high traffic floor areas ie bars, restaurants or any places that requires inordinate cleaning, sealing could be useful. Sealants can alter the colour, become shiny and tracking can occur. With these considerations in mind, testing on thoroughly cleaned stone using prospective sealants should be carried out. Apply as per manufacturers instruction. We do not recommend sealing residential household areas.

Identify Stain if possible. The following solutions are given starting at the mildest first, all chemicals are available from most hardware stores. Follow manufacturers instructions.
Oil Based – Bleach and Scouring pad, Detergent, Ammonia, Mineral Spirits or Spirit of Salts.
Effloresence – Poultice with distilled water
Copper – Poultice with Ammonium Choloride, Ammonium Hydroxide.
Biological – Diluted Ammonia or Bleach, Hydrogen Peroxide or Sodium Hypochorite.
Wax – Strip with Alkaline Stripper
Paint – Alkaline Paint remover, Methyl Chloride
Iron Stain – Ammonium Oxalate, Oxalic Acid, Dilute Hydroflouric Acid, note..If it cannot be removed it is part of the stone.
Unlike other cladding materials natural stone is almost competely maintenance free. You can be assured that your investment in natural stone will reward you by retaining its individual beauty, colour and functionality throughout your lifetime and beyond.