What thickness is the schist walling stone?
All of our stone is supplied pre-dressed to a maximum of 150mm front to back.

Does the stone come thinner than that?
Yes we are able to supply 100mm stone for use in areas that have weight restrictions.Often used for chimney stacks. The 100mm stone is not as large proportionally as the standard stone.

Is schist freestanding?
No, unlike brick, which supports itself, stone is not freestanding. It therefore needs to be worked onto a backing board ie Eterpan Fibre Cement Board in architectural use or onto an existing block wall.

Does block work need to be sealed prior to facing it with schist?
Yes a Moleseal or Flintcoat sealant needs to be applied at the recommended ratio prior to stone application.

Does corner stone cost more? – 
No, all of our pallets arrive with ample corner stone at no additional cost.

Do brick ties need to be stainless steel?  
Yes,if your home is with 500 metres of the coast.

We only want to go to the underside of the windows. How do we cap the stonework off?
Depending on your other cladding ie wood or plaster we are able to supply a hand-hewn stone sill to the correct dimensions to tuck underneath the flashing.
Alternatively if your other cladding is plaster bring the polystyrene down to the stonework and add a plaster cap over the stone.

We want to have a fireplace in stone. What do we use for the hearth? -.
Hearth stone is usually made from stone matching that in the fireplace. The difference is it will be flat paving stone, this is approximately 35-40mm thick.

Are there different styles of laying schist?
Yes, different looks are achieved by using the mortar either visibly – raked or recessed – dry stacked. You should identify the style that you like and specify this to your stonemason.

If I want to do my project in stages will there be a continual supply of this stone?– 
We recommend that all stone for an individual project be purchased at the same time so that is from the same area within the quarry. If however we need to match old existing stonework this is also possible, a site visit would be required to match the colour used and the same colour found with the quarry. Our quarry has been in operation for over 15 years.